We’ve all had times when we didn’t know what to pray. The next time you find yourself not knowing what to pray, try one of these ideas.

When You Don’t Know What To Pray

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We’ve all had times when we didn’t know what to pray. The next time you find yourself not knowing what to pray, try one of these ideas.

We’ve all had times when we don’t know what to pray! It could be when we’re walking through a crisis, dealing with a difficult person, or simply having a bad day!

For years I thought it was horrible when I’d sit down to talk to God but have no idea where to start, or what to say. I thought something was wrong with me, or even that I might be super un-spiritual. I’ve since learned that’s not the case at all, and the Lord has showed me what to do when I don’t know what to pray.

The next time you find yourself not knowing what to pray, try one of these ideas:

Let The Holy Spirit Pray For You

Whether it’s walking through a crisis in my own life, or even hearing about tragic news from friends, I’ll bow my head to pray but the words just won’t come. And then I’m reminded of the the words from Romans 8:26, “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”

I know that asking the Holy Spirit to pray on our behalf sounds odd, but I’d like to encourage you to give it a try. Even though you dont know what to pray, you’ll be comforted knowing that prayers are going up for the circumstance at hand. After all, who better to pray on your behalf than the Holy Spirit?

Speak the Name of Jesus

“When you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus. There is power in the name, the name of Jesus. If the words won’t come cause you’re too afraid to pray, just say Jesus.” – Just Say Jesus from 7eventh Time Down

Just as the words to the song say, there’s power in the name of Jesus! Speak His name when you don’t know what to pray and you’ll be amazed at the peace it will bring.

Listen to Praise and Worship Music

Am I the only person that has mini praise and worship sessions when my favorite songs are playing? What better way to talk to the Lord than to worship Him through praise and worship music!

Certain songs have special meaning because the Lord used them to help me get through a rough time. When I hear those songs, I can’t help but thank the Lord for bringing me through that time.

What do you do when you don’t know what to pray?

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  1. Candy

    There have been and still are so many times when I literally can’t pray. I felt the same way that you did. The verse that you quoted has comforted me knowing that the Holy Spirit is interceding for me when there just are no words. There were times when you dad and I were trying to pray together those last few months of his life and the only thing that came out our mouth was the name of Jesus.

    I, too, worship while listening to music. It just speaks deeply to my heart in a way that nothing else does.

    • Tshanina

      I, too, have times when it’s difficult to pray. So, don’t feel like you’re alone. This just helps us rely more on the Lord than ourselves!

  2. Deb Eisemann
    Deb Eisemann10-16-2013

    I love and use most of the ideas you listed but I love being reminded once again to reach out to God… Most recently I have found that using my journal writing more like letters to God is helpful. Sometimes I am inspired from the first key strokes but sometimes it Starts out Dear God, I don’t know what to say… God are you there? I pray you are and that you will shine a light on me cause I am lost at this moment… Almost always before I am finished writing/typing I have got clarity and even we I don’t I have peace that I will soon. thanks for this post and opportunity to share.DEb

  3. Tshanina

    Hi Deb! Using a journal is a wonderful idea!

    Being a blogger, I can totally understand what you mean by being inspired or even feeling stuck at the beginning!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  4. C

    I had several hours of praise and worship in the car today. There are many times when I have no words to pray. My heart communes with God.

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson01-13-2015

      I love to worship with music – it’s as if we’re sitting at His feet!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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