zucchini bread

Zucchini Bread

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Made from scratch doesn't have to be time consuming! You'll have this zucchini bread whipped up and in the oven in no time!

You already know that I’m a sucker for a good deal. A few days ago when I was shopping at Aldi I spotted zucchini on sale 3/$1! That’s a fabulous deal and I scooped some up. I already knew that I was going to make some yummy zucchini bread with my find!

shredded zucchini

Shredding the zucchini didn’t take long at all. I don’t know why we have it in our heads that cooking from scratch takes forever. I had this bread whipped up and in the oven in no time!

zucchini bread

I wasn’t quite sure how much zucchini to shred for this recipe. I ended up shredding three zucchini and it was enough for two loaves of bread and 12 muffins. This bread does great in the freezer…if there’s any left!

zucchini bread

zucchini bread

Don’t tell the kids how yummy this bread is and you’ll be able to enjoy it all for yourself! ;o) When I told my niece/nephews it was zucchini bread they made ugly faces. Once I talked them into giving it a try they loved it!

This is a great way to get extra veggies into your kids’ diets! I can see my mom and sisters rolling their eyes now. Okay, it sounded good!

What’s your favorite zucchini recipe?

Thrifty T


  1. Trina

    Love Zucchini Bread! I freeze shredded zucchini in the summer just so I can make it in the winter.

    • ThriftyT

      Freezing zucchini is such a great idea Trina! Do you have any special tips for freezing it?
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Bethany

        I just shred it, and make sure to press most of the moisture out. Then I put it in freezer bags in 2 cup measurements. Then I use it all winter!

        • Tshanina Peterson
          Tshanina Peterson01-30-2014

          Thanks so much for the tip Bethany!

  2. Christine

    Just tried this recipe, and it was super easy and absolutely delicious! It’s my new favorite zucchini bread recipe!

    • ThriftyT

      I’m so glad that you tried the recipe and liked it! I’m all about easy recipes and this is definitely one. What an honor to be your favorite zucchini bread recipe!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Cathy

    Fantastic recipe! I made it yesterday and added cinnamon chips (I can’t get enough cinnamon!) and it was wonderful. It actually has a slightly crunchy top, which I love! This is my new favorite zucchini bread recipe! Thanks!

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson07-03-2014

      I’m so glad you liked it Cathy!

      Adding cinnamon chips sounds fabulous…thanks for the tip!

  5. Shelly

    I haven’t made zucchini bread yet this year. I have lots of zucchini coming out of my garden though. Right now I have 6 sitting in my refrigerator. I’m going to grate them up and pack them away into the freezer. So I can bake up some zucchini bread soon. It’s just been way to hot to bake this week.

    We did have grilled zucchini last night for dinner and it was delicious. Even the dogs liked it. :)

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson07-31-2014

      Fabulous idea to freeze and use later, especially since it’s too hot to bake!

      We love grilled zucchini (and squash)!

  6. Betsy @ BPhotoArt
    Betsy @ BPhotoArt07-30-2014

    Yum! I love zucchini bread :)

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