What’s Behind Door #2???

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For the past few days I’ve been in Arkansas.  My husband, Trent, sells boats and we are at a dealer show.  The show is at a boat manufacturer and the meetings have been at their loading dock.  When they told us that the restrooms were outside I wasn’t too sure what to think.
As I was heading outside all I could think about was the smell of a port-a-potty.  However, when I opened door #2, I was welcomed by air conditioning, lighting and the sound of music playing.  This thing was awesome and I just knew I had to take a few photos to share with you (after all, you’d never believe me unless I showed it to you).
As you can see, this puppy had sinks with running water.  There were four stalls each with a regular size door on them. They even had a rug right when you walked in the door. I was quite impressed.

Had you been a fly on the wall when I was taking these photos you would have laughed your head off.  Not only did I make sure that no one was in any of the stalls, I had to take my pictures quickly in case someone came through the door.  After all, what would they think of someone taking a picture of a port-a-potty.
Sometimes it’s the little things that intrigue me.
Thrifty T


  1. Jamie P
    Jamie P07-13-2011

    Ha! That's awesome!

  2. Anonymous

    That's HILARIOUS! Who'da thunk!

  3. Charity

    LOL…love it!

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