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I recently joined a local Facebook group of couponers. I was excited to find a group that live in my area that also share my love of coupons. Yesterday I found myself in a quagmire. I’ll let you read the comment thread below for yourself.

Commenter #1 – Ok ladies just tried the allegra deal at Publix and it worked. 6 count allegra 6.49 use $5 q from last Sunday paper and $5 green ad flyer gives you overage

Me – Isn’t the Publix coupon only for 15 ct and larger?

Commenter #1 – Yes but it they took the coupon

Me – Sorry, but just because the register accepted it doesn’t mean that it’s right to use it on the wrong size item.

Commenter #1 – Tshanina its definitely your choice how you use your Q’s. That’s how I chose to use mine.

Me – You’re right Commenter #1 – I wasn’t trying to step on any toes.

Commenter #2 – Let’s remember everyone in this group shares the common goal of saving money. We help each other by sharing tips on great bargains. If you find that a posting is not to your liking, then just scroll on down and don’t comment.

Really, Commenter #2, I’m just supposed to turn a blind eye to someone sharing a deal that’s cheating a company? How would you feel if it was your company someone was cheating? I so wanted to comment back with something along those lines. I wanted to scream from the rooftops that they were pretty much stealing from Publix, but I didn’t. (Nobody wants to get in a cat fight on Facebook – especially with people that you don’t really know.) This is exactly why couponers get a bad reputation.

Now, there are over 150 people in this group – some of them may not have known that it’s wrong to use that coupon on the wrong size item. To be honest, I was quite blown away. I’m all about using coupons and using them ethically.

Part of me wants to comment back about them using the coupons fraudulently and then leave the group. I want to know what you would do? Should I leave the group? Should I say anything else? Should I try to report it to Publix? (he he)

Let’s discuss this in the comments! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Thrifty T


  1. Candy

    First of all I cannot believe that Commenter #1 had the gall to call you out by name!  But, I think she did you a favor because she showed everyone in the group that you are NOT a dishonest person who uses coupons to steal from stores.  Do you know if the majority of the couponers in this group are dishonest or are there only a few bad apples?  If the commenters in this group are not going to let you point out when they are dishonestly using coupons, then I’d say get out of the group.  They already don’t like you anyway.  HA!    I would think that Publix is aware that there are those who are doing this kind of thing because it is bound to have happened before.  I don’t think that it would hurt one bit to call the manager there and ask them to beware that there ARE those who are being dishonest and to train their store clerks how to take a very close look at coupons when they are scanning them at the end of the transaction. That way you can shut these dishonest ladies down at the pass!!!  Go Tshanina!!!

  2. Knife

    I definitely would leave the group.  Her statement that the goal is to save money was ridiculous if she is stealing from the company.  It would be like saying, I am trying to save money on my house payment so I robbed a bank. Don’t be afraid to stand for the truth even if you stand alone! 

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