What will 2013 look like for you?

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Okay, I know that’s a crazy question. I mean, you don’t have any clue what 2013 will look like for you more than I do.

But, won’t you agree that this is definitely a question we need to ask ourselves?

I mean, reflecting on the past year is great – I did it myself – but let’s dig a bit deeper for a minute!

I’m going to pick two goals that I had for myself last year – walking 4 days a week and drinking 64 ounces of water a day. While I did great on my goal of walking, I totally bombed when it came to drinking my water. (I’m not beating myself up; that’s just a matter of fact.) As I reflect back on those two goals, I have a choice. I can either try to improve upon my water goal or I can totally forget it all together. (Personally I’d like to forget it all together but I know it’s not healthy. You laugh but I’m serious. I mean, I’m sipping on a carbonated beverage as I write this. The worst part is that there’s a jug of water right beside me!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we need to accomplish every goal we set. Sometimes our life path changes and we no longer desire to accomplish the same goals. That’s totally fine!

What I am saying is that instead of wallowing in self pity and feeling horrible about the things we didn’t accomplish in 2012, we need to put on our big girl panties and move on. I don’t know what 2012 looked like for you. Maybe you bombed on your finances and need to give a budget a try. Or, maybe you didn’t eat enough veggies last year and want to grow your own garden this year. Take a look back, see what you can learn from 2012 and bring a new perspective into this new year!

So I’ll ask you again – what will 2013 look like for you? What are you going to learn from 2012 and improve on in 2013?

Thrifty T

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