What Exactly is a Stockpile?

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You’ve heard me refer to my stockpile in previous posts.  I will admit that the word stockpile sounds like I’m a hoarder, but I can promise you that I am far from a hoarder.  So, what exactly is a stockpile?


The whole idea behind stockpiling is to stock up on items when they’re on sale so that you will not have to purchase them at full price when they’re not on sale.  For instance, a box of pasta is normally around $1.50.   When it goes on sale and I have a coupon to use with it, I can generally get that same box for $.50.  If I buy three boxes of pasta when it’s on sale, I can get three boxes for the price of one.


Even though it may sound like you’re saving just a few pennies, trust me, those few pennies add up over time.  Let’s play a little bit with the math.  If I buy 25 boxes of pasta at full price during the year they would total $37.50.  If I bought those same boxes throughout the year when they were on sale, I would pay $12.50.  That’s a savings of $25…and that’s just on pasta.  Imagine the possibilities.


How do I know how much to buy for my stockpile?  Sale items come in cycles.  Some items come around more often than others.  As you start watching the sales, you will figure out how your cycles work.  When an item goes on sale I usually purchase enough for six weeks. That also depends on the item and how much will eat it.


How many coupon inserts do I need?  Each week I purchase four papers (the general rule is to get one paper per family member). Even though there’s only two of us I still get four papers because I like to give stuff away.


Like I always say, do what works best for you and stick with it.


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