Trimming It Up

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This morning after getting a much needed haircut (I got a new cut and it turned out quite cute!) I picked up my crew to help me trim the bushes in our landscape (my nephews and their friend).



The weather forecasted rain this afternoon so we were working against the weather.  Thankfully it only took us a few hours to complete this chore and we beat the rain!

Although I’ve never gotten an estimate to get the bushes trimmed, I know that doing this myself and giving my helpers a bit of cash saved us quite a bit of money. If you trim your own bushes, I highly recommend that you put down tarps to pick up the trimmings. Last year I used towels but using tarps made it much easier!

I’m so thankful to have this chore done! Now I just need to get the weeding done!

Do you trim your bushes yourself?

Thrifty T

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