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Thrifty Gift Ideas, Part Five

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For today’s project we are going to make notecards.  With the age of texting, emailing and the various forms of social media, giving cards is becoming a lost art.  Think about it, don’t you like to receive cards via snail mail?  I know I do!



I already had the stamps for today’s project so I purchased the ink and cards at Jo-Ann Craft and Fabric. The stamps range from $6.99 (thank you stamp) and up.  Pair that with a 40% off coupon and it’s about $4; the stamps will last for a long time and you can use them for multiple projects as I have done.


You’ll want to purchase an ink pad that has pigment (it should say on the front of the package) as this helps the colors stand out on the card. I tried the gold ink but it didn’t look very good with the white cards – the silver turned out great though!  Also, my sister made some cards a few years ago that were flowers.  She used pink for the flower and colored in the center using a gold ink pencil (found near the ink pads).  They were beautiful!This three pack of ink was on sale for $3.49 (regular $4.99) and I used a 40% off coupon for the 50 pack of cards making them $4.79.  All in all I paid $2.50 for each set of 10 notecards.



If you’re new to stamping, I would recommend that you purchase a stamp similar to the thank you stamp.  As you can see from the picture above, the dress stamp does not leave any room for error because every inch of the stamp area has to be inked correctly.  (This stamp was much more difficult to use; I flew through the cards with the thank you stamp.)  Just keep this in mind when you’re shopping.



Place ink on the stamp, making sure that it is covered thoroughly.  I highly recommend practicing on a piece of paper before you move to the cards.  This will let you know how much ink and press need applied.



For stamps like the dress stamp, make sure to apply plenty of pressure to the entire stamp. Again, I recommend practicing on a piece of paper first.



And, voila, you have a handmade notecard!



I let the cards dry for about an hour; it probably doesn’t take that long at all but I wanted to be on the safe side before I packaged them up!


Wrap with the ribbon of our choice and you have a great gift.  I personally think that thank you notes are great for a wedding or baby shower.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love the dress stamp! It is a great gift for teachers too! – Annissa

  2. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T11-18-2011

    Thanks! I agree this would be a great gift for teachers.

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