Oh the power of words - they can tear someone down or lift them up. See how the power of words impacted four situations.
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The Power of Words

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Oh the power of words - they can tear someone down or lift them up. See how the power of words impacted four situations.

Most of us already know the power of words, whether that be written or spoken. We have the power to tear someone down or lift someone up. And, once the damage of tearing someone down with our words has been done there’s no turning back. They can forgive but they’ll never be able to forget.

Below are a few examples of the power of words!

(1) A student texted me frustrated saying, “I feel like anything I do for my mom isn’t good enough.” You see, her mom had yelled at her because her GPA had gone down .02 points. Not 2 points but .02 points. From what I understand, her mom is constantly yelling at her and mostly over tiny things. As this young lady walks into adulthood she won’t soon forget her mother’s words.

(2) My friend’s boyfriend died a few months ago. Much like most of you, I know what it feels like to lose someone you love. Months later you feel like no one cares and you’re walking down this journey alone. So, along with praying for her, I decided to text her verses every couple weeks. I’ve even added it to my to-do list so I won’t forget. And, while it doesn’t take much effort on my end you’d be amazed at how much she appreciates these small acts of kindness. Both she and her mom have told me how much it means.

(3) As I pulled into the drive-through at the bank I was having an average day. I had no idea it was about to change. The sweet teller at the window told me how she was always happy to see my smile come through her line. She had no idea how much I needed to hear that that particular day – and probably never will.

(4) I don’t know about you but finding a hand-written note in the mailbox is like a treasure. I wrote a note a few weeks ago – it was one of those times when you know God’s asking you to do something but you put it off. Writing the note didn’t take long at all. A few weeks later the recipient called me to thank me for the note and told me that I’ll never know how much it meant to her.

Isn’t it amazing how much of an impact our words can make on another life? Do you need to write a note to someone? What about your friend that’s going through a tough time, do you need to text her and let her know that you’re praying for her? Or, are you a stressed-out parent that needs to apologize to your child?

I don’t know what God’s calling you to do, but I’m sure you do. He’s probably pressing it upon your heart right this very minute. Maybe, like me, you’ve been putting it off. Don’t put it off a moment longer – get to work spreading positive words and sharing God’s love!

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  1. http://lettersandlace.blogspot

    Beautiful, we all the reminder of how we sound to others and how we may affect them.
    We just might set another important seed in someones life.

    • ThriftyT

      I agree, our words can sow seeds that will bloom even years down the road! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. C

    Truer words were never spoken.

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