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Today as we take a break from our normal posts, I encourage you to be still for just a few minutes and take some time to meet with God.  God is all around us; we just have to take the time to experience Him.  Psalm 46:10 encourages us to, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Have you ever considered how powerful your words are?  I can remember things that people have said to me – both positive and negative – that still resonate in my mind.  I’ve been called a creative problem solver, but then I’ve also been told that I’m a pushover.  The good is nice to hear, but the bad is hard to swallow.  I have to consciously remind myself not to see myself that way.

Why?  Because words are powerful.  They can build up or tear down; it’s that simple.  The amazing thing to realize is that our words can have a similar power over other people.  What we say can build them up or tear them down, affecting how they view themselves.

As an ambassador of Christ, you’re in a powerful position where it’s necessary to build others up, being a positive influence in their lives instead of a destructive force.  You have that power and responsibility.  So today, as you go about your day, determine to build others up.  You never know, your kind words may be the only ones others hear.

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful 
tongue crushes the spirit. – Proverbs 15:4 
Taken from “Daily Wisdom for Working Women” devotional.
Thrifty T


  1. Debbie

    Words are so incredibly powerful! Thank you for this reminder.

  2. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T09-15-2010

    I agree. I definitely needed this post as a reminder for myself.

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