Take a Minute Tuesday…

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Today as we take a break from our normal posts, I encourage you to be still for just a few minutes and take some time to meet with God.  God is all around us; we just have to take the time to experience Him.  Psalm 46:10 encourages us to, “Be still and know that I am God.”
It’s interesting to notice how many people try to do everything themselves.  They want to believe that they don’t need anyone else, but actually, others help strengthen them.  Maybe they can earn success on their own, but they’ll work harder for it and won’t have others to celebrate with them once they achieve it.  Just ask those who have spent all their time grasping for success without taking time out to invest in others.  Most would trade some of the success for real friendship and love.
God never meant for any of us to travel through life alone.  He has given you family members, mentors, and Christian brothers and sisters to make the journey easier, more successful and more fulfilling.  Even Jesus had friends and companions in His ministry, and after He died, they continued the work that He had begun.  So take time to invest in the people around you.  Though it may seem like a sacrificial effort at first, in the end, you will reap the reward of it.

As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

Taken from “Daily Wisdom for Working Women” devotional.
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