my surprise pregnancy journey

My Surprise Pregnancy Journey, Part 5

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Follow along as I share the story of my surprise pregnancy journey. This series is candid, raw and very personal.

Disclosure: The words in this series are candid, raw and very personal. I don’t share so you’ll feel sorry for me, but to help someone else that finds themselves on a surprise pregnancy journey and to let them know they’re not alone! (One thing I’ve learned through this thing called life is that my story is valuable and through my sharing the Lord may be able to help someone else.)

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Everyone around me that knew about our gift buzzed with excitement and plans. But I still couldn’t fathom what was happening. Yes, I knew there was a baby growing inside my tummy but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. So I carried on with life….what else could I do?

“Carrying on is like the paradox of birth itself – the bearing down each day with a ferocity you didn’t know you possessed, and with it also the letting go, suspending full knowledge, full sight, full understanding of all that is happening. This is sometimes simply a walk of faith: faith that there is a higher purpose than you can see at the moment, faith that the Maker of all life has not made a mistake, no matter what you are feeling, faith that the One who called you to this work will supply what you need. And it is a walk by knowledge – this even more sure than faith – that in carrying this child you are giving her or him the chance to be. Without being what else matters?” – Surprise Child

Making The Big Announcement

One day while Trent was at work he texted me to see if I cared if he shared our news with a friend. This was becoming a regular occurrence and most of the time I said yes. But this time I felt guilty when I asked him to wait. I knew this friend wouldn’t be able to keep it to himself and would definitely spill the beans before I was ready.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This wasn’t just my news…it was our news to share. I was being terribly selfish in not letting my precious husband share the excitement with his friends.

The Lord and I had a chat that day. He knew that I wasn’t ready to share and start talking about this gift…after all, even though I had known for a couple of months, I was still in shock. If it were up to me, I would keep the news to myself until I was showing and had no other choice but to talk about it. But I knew I couldn’t do that to Trent.

Even though I wasn’t excited, I was glad that Trent was. For his sake, I knew I had to pull up my big girl panties, find some courage, and face the music. I kept repeating Isaiah 41:13 to myself, “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

Mother’s Day was two weeks away and I would be 17 weeks along. So I purposed that we would make our announcement then. After all, it was the perfect day for such a big announcement!

I knew that no matter what crazy comments friends had to say, the Lord would help me deal with them. When I was uncomfortable talking about our gift, the Lord would be right there with me holding my hand. I was so thankful that I wouldn’t be alone!


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  1. Mary Renee
    Mary Renee07-29-2014

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your pregnancy journey. The emotions through this time are exactly like my sister when she first discovered she was pregnant. When she announced her pregnancy, she burst into tears and it took a long time for her to stop crying. :) Even now, people ask if she’s ready for another one and she cringes a bit.

    I remember my sister saying she “hated kids (ie: other people’s kids)”, “kids crying gives me hives”, “I’m afraid I won’t love the baby enough”, etc. Plus, she had so many of the same comments as you have had and faced guilt for not being excited. Three years later, my sister still can’t stand other little kids, but she is one of the best moms I’ve ever met and adores her son.

    I’m assuming you are still in the midst of your journey, so I just wanted to encourage you. God is so, so gracious to give us a special love for our littles and to give us strength to get through all of these surprises. Even in the midst of surprises, frustration, and your world being turned upside down, it is a wonderful journey!

    I pray you have a safe pregnancy and I can’t wait to hear the rest of your story.

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson07-30-2014

      Thanks for your kind encouragement, Mary Renee!

      Yes, I’m still in the midst of my journey – due in October. I’m trusting God’s plan in all of this and that He will give me the wisdom, strength, courage and whatever else I’ll need as I step into motherhood!

  2. Sarah Mueller
    Sarah Mueller07-30-2014

    You are so brave to share this on your blog! Thank you for your honesty :) I hope you are feeling well.


    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson07-30-2014

      I appreciate your encouragement, Sarah!

      It is definitely my hope that by sharing honestly I’ll be able to help someone else going through this same journey!

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