Spring Fever Is Here…

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I always know when spring fever is here because I have the urge to clean out. Call me crazy but I thoroughly enjoy cleaning out and organizing as it is very fulfilling. My problem is getting up the gumption to get started.

When cleaning out, my rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in the past six months (unless it’s seasonal items), you’re not going to use it again. It’s time to either throw it away, donate it, or sell it.

I’m itching to clean out the garage but it’s just been too cold. Or, that’s the excuse I’m using to keep putting it off. To push me in the right direction, I took this stack of papers to the recycle bin over the weekend.

The project that I’ve been putting off the most is cleaning out my clothes closet. I don’t know why but we all have those clothes that we hang on to and I just
can’t seem to let go.

I’ve been trying to go through our stockpile and freezer and start eating on the items that we’ve had for a while and are about to expire. Last night I found some bread I had made in the freezer (I was going to give it away for Christmas but forgot about it). So, I got it out and sent it to work with Trent. This not only got it out of my freezer but gave the guys a nice treat.

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