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Shedding a Bit of Light on the Subject

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Do you have a “honey do” list for your honey? I try to do as many projects around the house that I can but there are a few projects that I just can’t/won’t tackle. And, that’s where Trent comes in!

A few months ago my mom gave us a beautiful light fixture (she had taken it down to put up a ceiling fan). The light was practically brand new and I knew just the place to put it – the office!

Trent has replaced many a light fixture for us so I leave electrical tasks up to him! It’s definitely something that I have no clue about.

old light fixture

Old Light Fixture (I failed to take a before pic)

Yesterday was the day that Trent decided to tackle this project and I was oh so giddy with excitement. He took down the old light fixture with no problem. And somehow it all went wrong from there. Yes, at the very beginning of the project!

The first problem was that the screws to hold the light fixture in the ceiling were too short. Didn’t seem like a big deal so we headed into town to get longer screws.

After getting longer screws we tried putting the new fixture up again. We tried and tried but it just wasn’t working. Now, I’m not the strongest person in the world so holding that light up was a bit of a challenge at times. I think I worked muscles that I didn’t know I had!

After a bit of frustration and cooling off for a few minutes (let’s just say that there were threats to throw the fixture into the front yard) we finally realized that the length between the screws and the length between the holes in the light were two different sizes! Once we had that a-ha moment we were back on track!

Trent turned the electricity back on and we were both praying that everything worked fine! He flipped the switch and – nothing! You’ve got to be kidding me is all I could think to myself. Then I realized that it had to be the light bulb. After all, tt was the bulb that came with the fixture and it had rolled around the car, etc.

We switched the bulb and the light worked perfectly! Praise Jesus!

light fixture

And voila! Here is our beautiful new light fixture! We went from a one bulb fixture to a three bulb fixture. Thanks mom for the light fixture and thanks Trent for hanging in there when we both wanted to give up!

Have you had any “simple” home projects that turned into a fiasco and left you frustrated? Share in the comments!

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