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Many of my blog posts come from everyday conversations.  This one is no exception.  A few weeks ago I had posted on my Facebook page that I was enjoying a free birthday meal from Moe’s.

As I chatted with a new friend a few days later, she had seen my Facebook post and thought how sad it was that I couldn’t splurge for my birthday meal but had to use a coupon.  She wanted to invite me to lunch but wasn’t sure if I ate out unless I had a coupon.  I couldn’t help but laugh (I guess I do come across as someone that uses a coupon for everything).

I assured her that the day I had posted that was not my birthday but that I was just using my coupon before it expired (although I wouldn’t have a problem using a coupon for my birthday meal).  I also let her know that I do go to lunch, even without a coupon sometimes.  I shared that the reason that I coupon is so that I can save money and enjoy other things, plus we have a line item in our budget specifically for eating out/entertainment.

You may be like my friend and wonder about those of us that use a coupon for almost everything.  So, I’d like to set the record straight.  I don’t use coupons because I don’t have money (although I’ve been in this scenario before and am so thankful for how God provided), I coupon to save money.

I promise you that once you start couponing, you’ll never pay full price for anything again.  That doesn’t mean you have to become an extreme couponer or even use coupons at the grocery store.  Even if you use coupons at restaurants, for car repairs, clothing, and much more, you can save a bundle.  Why not give it a try???

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