Saving on Trash Bags…

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You and I both know how expensive trash bags are.  Unless you know of a secret I don’t, they’re definitely an item that you can’t go without.
Trent and I often joke that we have a “little man” that comes into the house at night and fills up our trash cans.  I mean, there’s only two of us and we can fill up 2-3 bags a week.

A few months ago my friend was telling me how passionate she is about recycling.  Now, I’ve never been one to recycle.  I mean, how do I know that they don’t drive the recycle bins over to the landfill and dump them there?  Okay, that’s a side note.
After thinking about our conversation a bit more, it hit me that recycling cardboard alone could cut down on the amount of trash that we have.  After all, I already go to the recycle bins to take my papers.  Why not take some cardboard when I go.
So, last month I had a little experiment.  I committed to recycling for a month to see how many bags of trash we could cut down.  I’m here to report that we are down to using one bag a week.  I bought this $5 trash can and it’s right outside the back door (very easy to access).
Do you recycle?
Thrifty T


  1. Erin McGinnis
    Erin McGinnis05-15-2011

    Yes! We started recycling about 3 years ago and it has cut down on the amount of trash bags we use by 50 to 60%. I also like the challenge of finding stuff to recycle and keeping it out of the trash can. It can become addictive. Our community picks up curbside for free every other Friday so it's a savings all around.

  2. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T05-15-2011

    Erin, that's great that your community will pick up curbside for free! I would probably recycle more items if our area did.

  3. Charity

    I sure do recycle. It definitely saves on using so many trash bags. :)

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