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Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries

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chocolate covered blueberriesIf you’ve ventured down the stocking stuffer aisle at the grocery stores you’ve likely seen these Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries! You may have seen them, but have you tried them yet?

These cordial blueberries have been popping up on shelves for a couple years now so decided it was time to give them a try! After all, cordial cherries are one of my favorite Christmas treats so why not give the blueberry cordials a try?

chocolate covered blueberries 1

As I opened the box the sweet smell of blueberries filled the air! It was a wonderful smell and I made me want to pop one in my mouth. (But first I had to attempt to take a picture of the cream oozing out of the chocolate shell. A fate I wasn’t sure if I could tackle. But, alas, I did!)

chocolate covered blueberries 2

These little suckers are so yummy! Milk chocolate, creme, and blueberries. How could you go wrong?

chocolate covered blueberries 3

I’d say the only thing wrong with these Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries is that there’s only 10 in a package! The next time you’re at the store you’ll want to grab a couple boxes – one for yourself and another for someone’s stocking!

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