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In anticipation of warmer weather, I’ve been thinking about this year’s garden. We planted a garden last year but plan on moving it to a new location so that we can plant more yummy vegetables. (Plus, part of the area doesn’t get enough sun. Remember, Trent tried to tell me that that area wouldn’t do well, but I didn’t want to listen.)

One thing I didn’t blog about last year was Trent trying to grow tomatoes from seeds. He had high hopes, but let’s just say that experiment didn’t do too well. (Hey, at least he tried!)

Trent’s experiment last year is definitely one of the reasons I’m so excited to tell you about Gro-ables – a brand new product from Miracle-Gro!

Globe Tomato photo 12_MG_Tomato_5506_1209002_V01_zps3fb9ae29.jpg

My grandpa once told me that growing plants from seeds was extremely difficult and even he, a seasoned gardner, let others grow his plants. But I think even he would be impressed by this new product! Gro-Ables is a pre-packaged seed pod which not only contains the seed but growing materials and plant food. These pods are garuanteed to grow when used as directed!

The pods are ready to plant, easy to use and take the stress out of gardening. Whether you’re new to gardening, or just want to start your garden from seeds (like Trent and I do), you’ll definitely want to check out Gro-ables.

And, if you’re a herb gardener, you’ll be excited to know that there are Gro-ables for herbs as well – perfect for both homes and apartments!

Not only is gardening very fulfilling, but it also saves a ton on the budget. (Have you seen the price of vegetables these days?) Gro-ables seed pods range from $1.29 to $1.49, depending on where you live!

On top of that you can create fabulous recipes like I did last year! Remember my Homemade Tomato Soup recipe?

This year I just might attempt to make homemade salsa. (Tomatoes and cilantro fresh from the garden, garlic, onions, sugar, salt, and pepper mixed in the blender! Yummo!)

Okay, enough about our garden.

Are you planting a garden this year? If so, what are you planting?

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