pistachio salad

Pistachio Salad

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This Pistachio Salad is always a hit at family gatherings, and you'll be able to whip it up in no time at all!

Every family has a recipe that they absolutely love. One of ours is my mom’s Pistachio Salad. She’s made this recipe since we were little and it’s always a hit. I almost had to fight my nephew over it the last time that she served it. Okay, not really, but I would have tried to take him down if I needed to. ;o)

Pistachio Salad


  1. Katrina W.
    Katrina W.11-06-2013

    My mom would make a similar salad, as well and my sister and I would always fight over the last bits of it! Instead of cottage cheese (my mom didn’t like cottage cheese), mom would take small chunks of cream cheese and add it. SO similar, but you know how moms are. Thanks for sharing this version, it reminds me of how my mom would make it!!

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson11-06-2013

      Hi Katrina! It sounds like this is a nostalgic dish for your family also! The chunks of cream cheese sound like a fabulous idea for those who don’t care for the cottage cheese. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kimberly M
    Kimberly M11-18-2013

    Do you cook and prepare the jello or just mix the package with the other ingredients?

    • Tshanina

      Hi Kimberly! No, you don’t cook the jello. Just mix and go. It’s super simple!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Billie

    I make this salad but instead of cottage cheese, I put in a couple hand full of shredded coconut. I make this at Easter and use the pastel colored marshmallows. Its very pretty and delicious.

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson10-27-2014

      Substituting the coconut sounds yummy! Thanks for the tip, Billie!

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