Paying Cash for a Remodeled Kitchen, Phase 1…

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We are currently in the process of remodeling our kitchen.  I’m so excited about this project and have been dreaming about it since we got married (the house was definitely a well decorated bachelor pad when I moved in).  As you know, paying cash for things isn’t always the fastest way to get things done.  However, I believe it’s the smartest. 

 My first project to tackle with this remodel was replacing this monster.  As you can see, this used to be a microwave stand.  Since our microwave is now above our oven, it was a constant catch-all.  This is actually what it looked like on a good day.

After watching a gazillion decorating shows for the last four years, I pretty much knew what I wanted.  Finding it was the hard part.  I scoured the internet and went to a few local furniture stores. They either had pieces you had to pay a fortune for and put together or it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Finally one day I went to a small, local shop here in town.  When I saw this cabinet I knew that was the one for me.  Unlike the other cabinets, this is made of solid wood.

I asked the sales clerk how much it was; it was about $200 above my budget.  So, I asked what his bottom dollar was.  He automatically took $100 off the price and offered to deliver it for free.  I told him I had to talk to my hubby about it.

I went back a few days later and offered him $100 lower than his bottom dollar and told him I would pay cash.  Well folks, that’s all she wrote because he said he would take the deal.

I love my new cabinet and think it looks 100 times better.  The moral of the story is, when buying furniture don’t be afraid to walk away and always pay with cash!

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  1. Robin Longstreth
    Robin Longstreth12-07-2010

    Love this cabinet! It will go fantastic with the ANY shade of cream. Love you, friend. – Robin

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