christmas tree after

Our Day of Christmas Decorating

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christmas tree before

 I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t very excited about putting up Christmas decorations. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when the decorations are up, but it sure is a lot of work for only a month. So, this year my sister encouraged me to get help from the kids since decorating isn’t Trent’s forte.

Jacob already had plans but Joel and Elizabeth were all over it! After Joel agreed to help he informed me that he’d have to be done and home by 3 p.m. because there was a football game on tv that he had to watch. Priorities. :O)

mantle before

Of course we couldn’t put up Christmas decorations without Christmas music. So, I turned on some classic tunes that we could sing along to…and that we did. I was surprised to hear Joel pipe in here and there…I loved it! We even rocked around the Christmas tree when the song came on!

elizabeth unpacking boxes

As Joel and I strung garland on the tree Elizabeth started unpacking the tubs. I think she enjoyed checking out everything.

joel putting the star on the tree

Look at the precision on his face!

elizabeth wrapped in garland

I think she got a bit carried away with unpacking the tubs! (wink)

joel putting garland on tree


elizabeth decorating the tree

joel playing wii

As we were about halfway done putting the ornaments on the tree I could tell that Joel was losing steam. I had unwrapped and put all the ornaments on the floor and he said, “Are we putting all of these on the tree.” At that point I knew he was done. So, I let him play Wii!

christmas tree after

And here’s our finished product! I think it turned out great! Of course I found the tree skirt after I took the pictures.

mantle after

 And here’s the mantle. Most of my Christmas decorations have been gifts or are clearance finds, so when I decorate I have to improvise. The trick to using what you have when decorating is to keep moving things around until it looks the way you like it. I used tissue paper to cover a box that was holding the piece in the middle, and the rest of the garland to jazz it up. I’m pretty pumped at the end product!

decorated staircase

 By the time I started decorating the staircase they were both done and playing the Wii, and understandably so!

tshanina, joel and elizabeth in front of christmas tree

Of course, I couldn’t help but remember decorating the tree with the family as a little girl. I remember having to take turns putting on the ornaments, probably so that we wouldn’t fight over them!

Let me just say that it’s so much more fun decorating with someone else, and I’m so thankful that Joel and Elizabeth were willing to lend a hand.

Do you have your Christmas decorations up?

Thrifty T


  1. Candy

    It all looks beautiful!

    • ThriftyT

      Ah, thanks!

  2. Annissa

    Nice job! Looks great. Glad you listened to your sister. :)

    • ThriftyT

      Me too! She’s a wise one! :O)

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