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New Kitchen Hardware…

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Changing your hardware is a very inexpensive way of updating the look of your kitchen. The drawer pulls I found were only $2 each and I found a bundle pack of the round nobs which cut down on costs too (I bought them a while ago so I can’t remember exactly what I paid for them). Now, if you get into changing the hinges that will start to add up. It definitely depends on how many cabinets you have.

I really wanted to wait until we were done with the entire kitchen remodel to change the hardware. However, since we’ve put that on the back burner right now (while I’m building my new web design business) I decided to go ahead and change them. I’m super excited at how much better the hardware looks…changes the look of the cabinets!!! See what you think!


Thrifty T


  1. Kim Hall
    Kim Hall01-22-2012

    Very nice! It's crazy how much the handles and knobs change the look. I like it.

  2. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T01-22-2012

    Thanks! Anonymous, yes these were quite outdated and I was so glad to get them updated!

  3. Anonymous

    Looks GREAT! What you had was the same as what we had on our old place that we bought brand new 24 years ago.

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