My Week In Review

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It’s been a quiet week around our house, well, except for last night. (More on that in a minute!) Trent ‘s been out of town on a fishing trip so it was just me and the dogs.

As I’m sure you can understand, it’s different when Trent’s not here. The break from having to cook and prepare dinner is great, but I don’t always sleep the best. Thankfully this time I didn’t hear as many “noises”at night like I usually do! I always have an extra chore when he’s gone and that is taking care of Hunter, our yellow Lab! And dog gone it (no pun intended) if that crazy dog doesn’t always try to run off on me! I guess I’m not as fun to him as Trent.

And Jayden even stayed away for a few days. I guess he had exciting things going on at his house, which is just fine!

I don’t know about you but I have a mini-vacation when Trent’s gone. I mean, he’s going to enjoy himself, so why shouldn’t I? Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t work every day. (Sidebar – Just because someone works out of their house doesn’t mean that they sit at home, eat bon bons and work 2 hours a day. While I have a flexible schedule, I stick to a routine of 8 – 5 just like most everyone else. Ok, I just had to get that off of my chest. I’m stepping down from my soapbox now!) I lazed around in the evenings, watched whatever tv shows I wanted and ate dinner whenever I got hungry. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself but I sure did miss him!

Now to last night and what that entailed…

Earlier in the week I invited Leah and her family to come over and hang out on Friday night. Well, on Wednesday I received a call from my niece, Elizabeth. Right from the start of our conversation I could tell that she was scheming. Leah’s birthday is next week and Elizabeth had decided that she wanted to have a birthday celebration for her. Her idea was to have special desserts that her mom liked and even wanted to invite a special guest (one of her mom’s friends) when they came over Friday.

To be honest, I was caught completely off guard when she asked to invite a special guest! Plus, she wanted all of this to be a surprise from her mom, so I couldn’t exactly talk to Leah about it. I’ll be the first to let you know that one of my gifts is not entertainment. I’m not one of those people that thrives on throwing parties or constantly having people over. In fact, I always get anxious when I know that everyone’s coming over to my house. What if there’s not enough food? What if someone doesn’t have a good time? You get what I mean! But Leah does so much that I wanted to make her day special too! Plus how could I say no to Elizabeth? I mean, she wasn’t really asking for much!

So last night after we had dinner, the surprise special guest arrived for dessert and we celebrated Leah’s birthday! The “party” went well and there was plenty of food for everyone. I ended up sending our guests home with to-go plates and even had some to put in the freezer! What a sweet gesture for Elizabeth to make her mom’s birthday special!

Ok, that’s the excitement of my week! Ha!

How’s your week been? Have you done anything exciting?

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