my surprise pregnancy journey

My Surprise Pregnancy Journey, Part 2

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Follow along as I share the story of my surprise pregnancy journey. This series is candid, raw and very personal.

Disclosure: The words in this series are candid, raw and very personal. I don’t share so you’ll feel sorry for me, but to help someone else that finds themselves on a surprise pregnancy journey and to let them know they’re not alone! (One thing I’ve learned through this thing called life is that my story is valuable and through my sharing the Lord may be able to help someone else.)

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At this point, other than Trent and my sister, only two of our friends knew about the little gift growing inside my tummy. It may sound bad, but I didn’t want to talk about the situation. In fact, it was hard for me to even say the word pregnant or baby.

The Heartbeat

My gynecologist sent me in for an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy test results. I wasn’t sure what to think or feel. Would there really be anything there? If there was, would the situation become real for me?

Even as I saw that tiny being on the screen and saw its heartbeat, I still couldn’t fathom the thought that I was pregnant.

A few weeks later my new O/B rolled the Dopplar around my belly and we listened for the heartbeat. As I heard the strong, little heartbeat for the first time, I didn’t have that a-ha moment (you know the one they say you’ll get when you hear the heartbeat for the first time?)

It was as if I was in a dream and hadn’t woken up yet. Could this news really be true?

I’m Not Like Most Women

Some women love the sound of a crying baby – not me, I cringe. How could the Lord expect me to take care for one of them, all the time? How in the world was I going to do this?

Isaiah 41:13 was a verse that He showed me early on, and I’ve clung to it ever since. It says, “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.


  1. Sarah

    I have to say I am probably like you… I wasn’t exactly a baby person and even after having two I’m still not. But trust me it is waaaaay different when it is your own. You may still cringe when it cries though and that’s ok.

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson06-16-2014

      Thanks for the encouragement Sarah! It’s always comforting to know we’re not alone isn’t it?

      I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Melissa @ My Recent Favorite books
    Melissa @ My Recent Favorite books06-16-2014

    I think as you get to know your baby ( even before he or she is born ) – you will form a wonderful bond, and when the baby arrives, you will find that you will probably feel differently than you do now.
    Dont be afraid, enjoy this time! The verse that you shared is wonderful.

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson06-17-2014

      I’m so thankful the Lord showed me that verse!

      Thanks for your encouragement Melissa!

  3. Michelle

    I was stunned when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I cried pretty much through the whole first trimester, and maybe 5 people even knew I was pregnant during that time. I was in my last semester of grad school, I had no money, my husband and I weren’t married yet and were on the verge of breaking up, and I was like you, I never had the desire to have children. I was a wreck. I DID NOT want to have a baby. But slowly, God changed my heart. My baby girl is 6 1/2 now and I thank God every day that his wisdom is so much greater than ours, that He gave me this beautiful blessing and that He knew I was the right person to be her mother. It’s been hard at times, but also wonderful in a way that is completely unexplainable. We’ve since been blessed with a son as well, and looking back I can clearly see God working in our lives through our babies. Good luck to you and thank you so much for sharing. There are not a lot of people who understand how I felt when I first got pregnant, and if I try to explain it, I just come off looking like a terrible mother or that I regret my children, which is not the case at all.

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson06-24-2014

      Michelle, your comment so encouraged me today!

      I’ve heard of/talked to a lot of women who’ve had surprise pregnancies, but none who never had the desire to have children. (I can totally relate with coming off as looking like a terrible mother when trying to explain.)

      I’m trusting that this child is part of God’s bigger plan for our lives! I know that He will change my heart too as He did yours!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing part of your story!

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