tshanina and annissa
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My Road Trip to Kansas City, Missouri

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tshanina and annissa

Last week I was in Kansas City, Missouri visiting my precious sister, Annissa, and her family. It had been way too long since I’ve visited so earlier this year when the Southwest flights were at rock bottom prices I snagged a ticket!

tshanina and cole

This little guy is my nephew, Cole. Isn’t he just adorable! He is such a precious spirit and seems to be happy all most of the time! He’s a joy to be around, and I love the fact that he loves to sing and will bust into song at any given moment!


As you can see by his shirt, he loves the movie Cars! We went into Target and had to take him to see the Cars toys. (And, of course, Aunt Tshanina just had to get him a toy!)

doug and cole


Cole loves his mommy and daddy! And Doug and Annissa are doing a fabulous job as parents!


He’s not a ham at all is he?


One afternoon we came home to this amazing track that Doug had crafted. It’s complete with a Target, Wendy’s and Quick Trip gas station! We had a blast playing on the track, but sadly it rained the next day so it faded away. Never fear though because Doug was out there again a few days later making another design for Cole!



doug and cole

I had to contain my laughter so that I could snap this pic! Cole was on my computer while Doug was on his. Cole loves PBSKids.org. Check out that concentration on their faces!

doug and annissa

Annissa and Doug already had a wedding on the calendar when I booked my flight but that was quite alright because I got to have Cole all to myself! We had dinner and a movie. It was my first time watching Cars 2 and I was beyond pumped.


My visit was perfect. Annissa and I are both low key individuals so we hung out and chilled most of the visit, which is right up my alley! In the afternoon when Cole took his nap we would watch old, classic musicals (she had a few I’d never seen so I was game)! If you haven’t seen Annie Get Your Gun with Betty Hutton, it’s adorable!

tshanina and cole 1

I already told Annissa that I’m going to visit again next year. They’re great about coming to visit us but there’s no reason why I can’t go visit them, not to mention the fact that I’ll have another nephew in December! There’s just nothing like a sister and I so miss hanging out with her!

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  1. Candy

    Loved all the pics!

    • ThriftyT

      Thanks! What a fun trip!

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