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Meet My Kryptonite

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Do you remember watching Super Man as a little kid? The bad guy would always whip up out the kryptonite and Super Man would lose his strength.

weedy flower bed 2

Well, today I’m introducing you to one of my kryptonites. (Yes, I have more than one). I love to mow the grass, and I even enjoy trimming trees. (Remember the major tree renovation we did a few years ago? I still remember all the poison ivy I got!) In fact, I did a bit of tree trimming yesterday with all of my other work…it was quite fulfilling!

weedy flower bed

But when it comes to weeding the flower beds or weed-eating, those are the outdoor chores that are my least favorites….my kryptonite. As you can see from the pictures, I put off these chores until I absolutely had to do them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the finished product! It’s just the extra work that drives me bonkers.

tree that needs weed eated

It was my second time of the season to mow the grass. I had pumped myself up to go ahead and do the weed-eating. I hopped off of the mower and proceeded to start the weed-eater. It was the first time to start it in a couple months so I figured it would take a few pulls of the cord. Well, after about five minutes of trying to start it, I knew it wasn’t going to start, and it didn’t. Needless to say, I was bummed.

Trent took it to a buddy at work who fixed it and now it’s like brand new! So yesterday I headed out to get this yard work done. I trimmed a few trees (Shh, don’t tell Trent! Although I’ve been trimming them for years he thinks I’ll kill them.), pulled weeds, chased down a runaway dog (Hunter), and finally weed-eated. It took me a couple hours but I finally finished.

flower bed

And I’m pretty pumped, not only to have it finished but at how clean everything looks…if only for a few days or weeks. Now I just need to trim the bushes. (Maybe I’ll call in my crew again!)

*Now, you may be wondering why Trent doesn’t do the weed-eating. The truth is, he and the weed-eater don’t get along, at all! He hates weed-eating more than I do. We have a ditch in our front yard that he cuts, and he does other things around the yard/house that I can’t/don’t enjoy. So, it’s healthier for our marriage if I do the weed-eating. :O) Not to mention the fact that it’s great exercise and works out my arms!


Someday when my web design business hits the big time I’d love to pay someone to do the weed-eating and/or weeding. But for now, I’m going to be thankful that we can do the work ourselves.

Do you do your own yard work? What’s your least favorite outdoor chore?

Thrifty T

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  1. Candy

    That’s one thing I really miss…..4 hours of mowing a week out in the country. I loved being out in the sun while mowing and talking to God.

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