may traffic and income report

May Traffic and Income Report – $64.87

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may traffic and income reportJust like each blog has peaks and valleys in traffic, they also have peaks and valleys in income. I would liken it to a roller coaster – you just have to strap in and enjoy the ride!

Here’s a look at May’s numbers.


Google Adsense – $43.95

Amazon Affiliate Network – $19.10

Sovrn (formerly Lijit) – $9.50

My Savings – $.80 – $.36

Escalate – $.17

Total Income – $73.88



Host Gator (hosting) – $6

inlinkz (Wow Me Wednesday link-up tool) – $1.67

Feedblitz – $1.34

Total Expenses – $9.01


NET INCOME – $64.87


Traffic Overview

May Traffic Overview


Top 10 Traffic Sources

May Top 10 Traffic Sources

Thank you for being my number 1 blog referral!

My income for May was down, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have any offers for extra income. I received quite a few leads from SocialSpark but they weren’t a good fit for Thrifty T’s Treasures. Sure, I could have made a little bit of cash, but it wasn’t worth it. I’d rather share information that I truly enjoy and that my readers will be able to relate to. Let’s see – I had leads for insurance and motor companies, to name a few.

Wow Me Wednesday

In the month of May I started hosting Wow Me Wednesday, a weekly link-up where other bloggers come share their blog posts. This is not only a fun way to generate traffic, but is a wonderful way to meet new people and make blogging friends. Yes, it takes a bit of extra work because I pick my favorites each week and share them at Saturday’s Pick Six, but it also gives me plenty of information to share via social media without having to ask the blog owner’s permission before using their picture.

So far, I’m thoroughly pleased at the amount of participation I’ve had each week at Wow Me Wednesday. Plus, I’ve already met a few new friends!

Adding A Personal Touch

I don’t know about you, but I love to see what goes on in the day-to-day life of a blogger. It makes the blogger seem more “real” and I relate better to them. So, I’ve trying to add more of a personal touch and, about once a week, have been sharing more about everyday life in my family and home category.

It’s funny because these type of posts seem to get the most interaction on my Facebook page! Which proves my point that people like to see the real blogger!

How’d you do in May?

Now it’s your turn to share! How did your blog do in the month of May. What tips and tricks do you have to share with us? (Please share in the comments below!)


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  1. Sarah

    Ok so in May I doubled my page views!!!

    Want to know the figures? My views were 4904 :) It sure isn’t 30k BUT in April my views were 1727. So I am headed in the right direction!

    I think you are smart to avoid working with companies that aren’t the right fit for your blog. Readers know when it is a sales pitch and not a genuine post.

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson06-18-2014

      You more than doubled your page views Sarah! High five to you!!!

      I’d love to know what you did differently to see such a huge increase.

  2. Sarah

    I joined a couple larger Pinterest boards and participate in some link up parties. Nothing out of the normal I am just slowly getting the hang of things and figuring out how to get out a be a little more social. It a whole new world for me!

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson06-24-2014

      The Pinterest boards are definitely the way to go! There’s a lot to learn for us bloggers, and it seems like it changes all the time. :O)

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