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It’s easy to go into a grocery store without a shopping list. However, you and I both know that it’s not the smartest thing to do because we will come out spending way more than we planned. So, help yourself and make a list before you go.


First, you need to know how much you’re going to spend. I encourage you to make a grocery budget and stick to it. When I first started couponing, it was very easy for me to go over budget. I saw many items that were great deals and thought I had to have them all. After I went over budget a couple weeks in a row, I realized that I couldn’t get everything that was a great deal.


I also learned that sale items come in cycles. There are some items that come around more often than others. As you get into the groove of couponing, you will learn what these items are. You will also learn how many of these items you need to add to your stockpile during that particular sale cycle.


When I make my grocery list, Southern Savers is the first place I go for grocery store deals. I start my list with the items that I need for the week (bread, milk, etc.) This helps me know how much I have left to spend for this grocery trip. If I’m not sure of the price of an item, I’ll just guess. I usually always buy the items that are $.25 or less. Even if it’s an item that I won’t use, I’m sure I can find someone that would love to have that item. I then finish up my list with the items that I can add to my stockpile.


Whether you make your grocery list in an Excel sheet or on a recycled envelope, you will be glad you made it. Your list will help you know where you’re going in the store and will also help you stay within your budget. For those that are interested, I have an excel sheet that I use when I go shopping that I’d be more than happy to share.


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