A Must Have Item In Your Healthy Toolbox

Whether you’re paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or simply not healthy at all (like I was a few years ago), you NEED this item in your healthy toolbox. It has jump started me on my health journey, given me the desire to be more active (great fitness is also key to your health) and is daily motivation to keep going!

If you don’t see the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Is Juice Plus processed in a nut-free facility?

The chewables and capsules are processed in a nut-free facility but the Complete shakes are not.


Is there a soy-free Complete option?

Yes! The Complete Tart Cherry & Honey whole food bars are soy-free. Learn more about the bars here.


Is Juice Plus dairy, egg, and gluten free?



What kind of clinical research does Juice Plus have?

Over 30 clinical research studies have been completed on Juice Plus. Learn more about the research here.

My favorite study is the one on bioavailability. That big word means that Juice Plus is absorbed into the blood stream and gets into our system. I don’t know of many products on the market that can claim that, do you?


What is the Children’s Health Study?

With your adult order of the Juice Plus capsules or chewables, you can sponsor a child (ages 4 through college-age) to get capsules or chewables for FREE for 4 years! To participate you’ll be asked to fill out a voluntary survey every few months and let the company know how your child is doing with their lifestyle changes – it only takes a few minutes!

The product is free but you are required to pay shipping of $1.75 per month for children 12 and under and $3.50 per month for 13 and older.

How I do I sign my child up for the Children’s Health Study?

Once you place your order email me with your child’s name and date of birth (and college email address, if applicable) and I’ll get them signed up for the Children’s Health Study.


What is the Family Rebate Plan?

Juice Plus is a direct sales company and the Family Rebate Plan, much like Costco or Sams, is a $50 membership that lasts one year. With this “membership” you will receive retail profit on all of your product purchases.

If at the end of a year you want to cancel your membership then you are free to do so.

If you happen to share it with someone great…and if you don’t you’re going to get paid the retail profit on your own product purchases.

Sign up for the Family Rebate Plan here.

*Note: Unless you plan to share with friends and family it is only cost effective to do the Family Rebate Plan when purchasing both the capsules/chewables and shakes.

Do I have to sell if I sign up for the Family Rebate Plan? 

The short answer is no. But, if you happen to know 2-3 friends or family members that, like yourself, can benefit from being on Juice Plus and they place an order you’ll get a $100 friends and family referral fee. You don’t have to share Juice Plus but I think you’ll want to!


I need this! How do I get started?