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It’s time for a tour…

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This has been the view in my living room for the last week.  (It’s a kitchen/living room combo. Ha!)  Two weeks ago I shared how we took the wallpaper down in the kitchen.  Last weekend was spent fixing the damaged walls (and all the cleaning that goes with mudding and sanding).  I’m happy to share that I finished painting the kitchen this afternoon.  This was such a huge project and I’m so glad that it’s finished (at least until we save up to replace the kitchen counter and flooring).

Before I show you the final project I have a few before pictures for you!


Before (with our old kitchen table)





Primed and ready to paint. (We cut two trash bags apart and used them as a light cover – worked very well.)


Primed and ready to paint!







I should have waited until tomorrow when the light is better to share pictures but I was so excited that I couldn’t.  The pictures make the walls look yellower than they really are.  Now I need to find a picture to hang behind the table!



Tip of the day – When you’re ready to remove your roller from the handle, put the roller portion in a grocery bag and pull it off that way.  This keeps your hands clean and the mess in the bag!



Here are two items that you should never paint without.  Yes, that is a shower cap that you see. This will keep paint out of your hair, especially when painting ceilings.  (Trent gave me such a hard time about wearing this but I knew how much time this would save, especially since there’s paint on the cap.)  The other item is my Purdy paintbrush.  I’ve used this paintbrush for many a paint project and it has been worth every penny.  I use this puppy when I’m cutting in and it makes it so much easier.  I love my Purdy!

Thrifty T

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  1. Dr. Mom
    Dr. Mom12-04-2011

    Looks great! Don't you just love it when you finish a project?

  2. Anonymous

    Great job! That shade really warmed up your kitchen.CF

  3. Glenda

    Wow..I love it Tshanina! And I know you are so so happy to have it done. Looks beautiful. :)

  4. Charity R.
    Charity R.12-04-2011

    Looks awesome but where is the pic of you with the shower cap on? :)

  5. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T12-04-2011

    Thanks everyone!

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