It’s So Worth the Wait…

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Trent and I were married 3 1/2 years ago.  After we were married and I moved in, the house felt a lot like a bachelor pad.  You see, Trent had picked out our beautiful home years before we had even met.  In essence, it was his bachelor pad.  So, we began thinking of ways to make it feel like a home for both of us. 
We are in the process of re-decorating room by room.  Since we live debt free, we save up for each project.  Sometimes it’s a slow process but it’s the only way I would choose.  We have already finished the living room, our bedroom and our guest bath.  The next project on the list was tackling the master bath.  It’s been painted for a while so the last thing was a new floor. Here is the before picture.  If you look over by the bathtub you can see the part of the floor that drove me nuts.  It is where the linoleum doesn’t quite reach the bathtub, leaving the sub-floor exposed.

I’m super excited to unveil our new tile floor!!!! Doesn’t it look great?

My favorite part is where the tile meets the bathtub!!!  It’s really the small things in life isn’t it?

After we pay off the mortgage, our next project is the kitchen!!!

Thrifty T

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