It’s Reveal Time…

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If you’ve been hanging around Thrifty T’s Treasures for very long you know that we are in the process of paying cash for our kitchen remodel.  The first step in the process was replacing our kitchen table and chairs.  I’m happy to report that step one is complete!!!

Not only was Trent able to talk the salesman down but we also saved money by assembling it ourselves.  I must admit that Trent did all the work on the assembly…so thankful for a hard working husband. 




What home improvement projects are you working on?

Thrifty T


  1. Anonymous

    Where did you get the table and chairs? Looks very nice!Deanna

  2. Thrifty T
    Thrifty T06-22-2011

    Deanna – We got the tables and chairs at Ashley Furniture when they were having their warehouse liquidation sale. Annissa – We won't have the ducks for much longer because my next project is taking down the wallpaper and painting!

  3. Anonymous

    I like it alot! Nice job…goes well w/ the ducks. Ha. Ha. :) Annissa

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