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It may be time for some bookshelves…

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A few months ago I went with Trent on a work trip.  We took a couple extra days and he booked us a night at a bed and breakfast.  There were some Reader’s Digest Condensed Books in the room that Trent really liked.  In fact, he told me he would like to purchase some.

When we got home my first stop in search of these books was Craigslist.  I was excited to find one listing.  Trent called and left a message but we never heard back from them.  So, a few weeks ago I ordered some books off of Ebay for Trent’s birthday.

A few days ago we received a call from the Craigslist guy.  I’m still unclear as to why he waited a couple months before calling us back.  He told Trent that he still had the books and we could have them if we picked them up.  Oh boy, Trent was all over this one!

Needless to say, Trent has enough reading material for the next few years.  Not to mention the fact that we now need some bookshelves.  We’re so thankful for this generous gift!!!

Have you ever read the Reader’s Digest Condensed Books?

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  1. Michelle Sweatt
    Michelle Sweatt10-30-2011

    I love them… of course I use them mostly in decor but I have been known to read a story every now and then LOL… The All Things Possible Bargain Center occasionally has a "30 books for $10" sale and I try to load up when that rolls around!

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