Is setting goals really worth it?

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Is setting goals really worth it? That’s the question I’m answering today.


I started setting goals one year ago. I was inspired by Crystal who shares her weekly goals. I decided to give it a try and began setting monthly goals. And, boy, has it been a wonderful thing!

Because I’m a nerd I went back and looked to see just exactly what I’ve accomplished in that last year.

  • Walked at least 312 miles
  • Read at least one book a month
  • Started drinking more water (I think this one was the hardest for me.)
  • Completed one large project around the house each month
  • Spent more time with family
  • Tried at least one new recipe a month
  • Memorized Proverbs 40, 91 and 31
  • Started playing cards with Trent

This list may not look like a big deal to you but I’m sure proud of what I’ve accomplished! They key was to find things that were important to me. I didn’t want to add just anything to my list but wanted to be intentional with my time.

Sure there were months when I didn’t finish everything on my list. The perfectionist in me wanted to feel like a failure for not finishing everything on my list, but the realist in me was reminded that things happen and schedules change. Many times the thing that kept me going was knowing that I was going to have to let you guys know how I did…so, find an accountability partner if that helps.

When I first started walking each day it was a chore. Now that I walk at least 4 times a week it’s become a habit and my day isn’t complete until I know that I’ve walked. Now, that’s a great feeling!

I wasn’t sure how it would go when I added “play board/card games with Trent” to my monthly list. But it’s turned out quite splendidly because now we play cards once or twice a week. I think I brought out Trent’s competitive side. (Our game of choice is Phase 10.)

So, to answer my own question, yes, it’s definitely worth it to set goals. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you begin writing them down and start working towards them.

Do you set goals? What goal have you accomplished that you’re most proud of? Share in the comments.

Thrifty T


  1. Annissa

    Latest one was training and running a 5K. I was pretty pumped to do that!

    • ThriftyT

      I guess so! I’m so proud of you for running your first 5K! Woot!

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