How To Get Started…

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1. Figure out where you’re going to get your coupon inserts from and start saving them. I have a subscription to the paper, my sister gets free inserts in her area, I have heard of folks going dumpster diving in recycle bins for inserts, and other people I know have their friends save the inserts from their weekly paper. There are various ways to get your inserts.


2. Figure out how you’re going to store your coupons. I use the binder system. It has baseball card holders with dividers between each category. I like to be able to see what coupons I have. Other people I know have found it to be easier for them to keep the inserts together by week and clip the coupons when they need them. There’s no right or wrong way. Find a system that works easiest for you and stick with it.


3. If you choose to use the binder system, you have to consistently clip your coupons each week. You can do it while listening to a CD, watching tv, or even while praying. You’ll find that if you skip a week, it’ll be harder to catch up because it’ll take so much longer. Trust me, I’ve been here. :O)


4. When I shop, I use the stockpile method. This means that I buy multiple of an item when it is on sale so that I can “shop” from my stockpile when I need it and it’s not on sale. To use this method, it is best to shop the sales each week. If you’re just getting started, start small with one store and then add another as you feel comfortable. I usually put my lists together on Fridays. (I can shop Publix in the middle of their sale and catch Kroger at the end. I also put together my list for the drug stores for the next week.) Again, do whatever works best for your schedule.


5. I have a zipper pouch for each store that I shop at. After I put my shopping list together, I place my coupons in the pouch so they don’t get confused with the other coupons. When I’m out shopping, I know that the green case is for Walgreens and can easily grab it when I’m getting out of the car.


6. Grab your calculator and a pen and paper and get out and start shopping. Have fun with it. We’ve all messed up, so don’t get frustrated if you miss an item or a great deal. More than likely, it’ll come back around. You’ll be so excited that first time you walk out of the store with your goodies!!!


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