How could I say no?

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I had the sweetest phone call from my niece last week.  During our phone call she let me know that she is heading to D.C. and New York in October.  She asked if I had any chores that she could do to earn extra money for her trip.  I told her that I’d be sure to let her know when something comes available.  Of course her brothers chimed in to let me know that they’re looking for chores too.  :o)


When I saw her and her brother on Saturday, of course, they asked if I had any chores for them.  I asked them how much they would charge to clean a bathroom.  Joel said that he would charge $10, but then quickly changed it to $5.  I’m guessing that he saw a look of shock on my face at the thought of paying $10.  Elizabeth’s reply was a bit more realistic, although I think she undersold herself, $.50 is all that she would charge.  She then proceeded to let Joel know that she cleans her bathroom each week and that it wouldn’t be very hard.  Hilarious!


I know how hard it is to save for something so, of course, I’ll have some chores for them.  Even though I know that it’s good for them and teaches them to appreciate their money, I have to admit that it’s hard not to just give them the cash.


The hard thing is finding chores for all three of them.  After all, it wouldn’t be fair if I had jobs for one and not the other two.  Other than the usual cleaning chores around the house, what are your ideas of things they can do to earn money?  I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!


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