Biscuit Flop1

Homemade Biscuit Flop

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Well, it’s official, I’ve decided to hang up my apron. Don’t worry, just in the biscuit making area of the kitchen. It’s just a gift that I don’t have. I’ve tried to make biscuits from scratch for years with no luck. In fact, bad biscuits have become a joke around our house.

I was excited to try a new recipe! (Disclaimer – I didn’t use the same flour as the recipe called for, so that could have been the problem.) Other than using different flour, I did everything just as the recipe said.

Even though my biscuits didn’t look the same as the original recipe, I was hopeful. And then it happened – I took a bite and it tasted just like they always do – blah, tasteless, just like they always do. They don’t even look soft and flaky. (shaking my head)

If you’ve mastered the art of making biscuits I applaud you, and I’d love to know what your secret is. For my own sanity, I think it’s safer to buy the store bought biscuits. I think Trent will be happier too! After all, biscuits on the weekends are his favorite.

Thrifty T


  1. Kbrisolara

    What if you smother them in chocolate gravy? Chocolate gravy makes everything better!!!

    • ThriftyT

      That’s a great idea Kathryn, except for the fact that I already threw them out. Yes, they were that bad. ;o)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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