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God has truly blessed me in the awesome deals that I have found while couponing. One of the exciting things about being an extreme couponer is being able to give stuff away. This week I was able to give most of my trial-sized items to the Salvation Army. These items may not mean a lot to me, but they may mean the world to someone that is homeless and doesn’t have much.
My sister recently told me this story about how God used her to be a blessing to her friend. Her friend’s husband had recently lost his job and they were stretched to make ends meet. My sister had put together some items from her stockpile to give to her friend. One of the items that she gave her was some feminine pads. (She thought her friend would laugh at her for giving her pads but put them in the bag anyway.)
Later her friend told her how grateful she was for the items, especially the pads. You see, she had prayed to God asking for some pads. She only had two left and didn’t have the money to buy more.
God is so awesome in providing for each of our needs. He not only blessed my sister with the items to give away, but blessed the recipient as well. Oh how much we take forgranted.
This story brings tears to my eyes. Years ago, I was like my sister’s friend. I had to work two jobs to make ends meet. I scrimped and saved and God provided for my every need. There were times when I received an anonymous check in the mail, but there were also times when God had a friend hang out and talk with me when I was having a hard day.
What is God calling you to give away? It may not be a tangible item but your time, talent, a smile/hug, or other resources.
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