Getting Your Spouse On Board…

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Just like any other project you’re working on, it’s always best to have your spouse on board.  Couponing is no exception.  It has been fun to watch my husband, Trent, evolve into a couponer over the past two years. Don’t get me wrong, his idea of fun is not picking up a pair of scissors to help me clip the weekly coupon inserts (although he will help if I ask).  Wait a minute…that’s not exactly my idea of fun either.  :O)


Instead he has become a connoisseur for other things such as restaurants and, best of all, deals on car repairs/oil changes.  About once every few months we receive coupon books in the mail (they’re local books that almost everyone in our area receives).  These books have lots of restaurant coupons but Trent always checks them for oil change coupons since the place where we get the oil changed will match competitor coupons.


Before couponing we would just go to whatever restaurant we wanted to (we now splurge on occasion and don’t eat out without a coupon – after all, that’s why we have a budget).  These days when we talk about what restaurant we’re going to we automatically look through our coupons to see if one is available.  It’s kind of like a game.  And believe me, it’s amazing how much you can save.  Once you know how much you can save it’s hard to spend that kind of money on a meal, or anything for that matter.


Is your spouse involved with your couponing/saving?  What ways does he/she contribute to the wonderful world of saving?


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