tshanina with birthday cake

Fun Birthday Facts

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I’m not one to toot my own horn, but today is my 34th birthday! I thought I’d share a few fun birthday facts about me.

chef boyardee ravioli

Growing up, we got to pick the meal for our birthday (or at least that’s how I remember it)! For as long as I can remember, I always picked ravioli. Chef Boyardee Ravioli is my favorite so that’s what we’d have. (I was an easy kid to please, right?) I remember a few times when mom tried to sneak in the off-brand – it’s definitely not the same!

Nowadays ravioli is a household staple, but this was definitely a treat for me when I was growing up! And even to this day I still enjoy a can of ravioli now and then. So much so that almost every year I find a can of it in my birthday bag. Take a look! Mom gave me the extra large can this year! Yummo! (Thanks for remembering mom!)

tshanina with birthday cake

Check out this blast from the past! (Don’t you just love that shirt? Ha!) I just had to share this picture with you! I’ll never forget this cake – it’s my all-time favorite! I had such a blast making it. There were finger cookies for the wheels, bubble gum for the windows and jelly beans on top!

strawberry cake

I don’t know what it is about birthday cake, but it’s just not a birthday without cake. Now, when I say cake that can mean all sorts of cakes – cupcakes, ice cream cake, cookie cake, etc. You just have to have a cake on your birthday! I guess it’s yet another way to celebrate that person’s special day and to help them feel special!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with strawberry cake! My sweet sister even made me this yummy cake when I visited her over weekend!

Funny story: When Trent and I first married, I’m not really sure that he knew how important a birthday cake was to me. (I guess I expected him to read my mind! Ha!) One year he didn’t get me a cake; not because he didn’t care, but simply because he didn’t know the importance of one.

When he got home from work that night I waited and waited. I figured he had hidden it somewhere. Then I finally had to say something to him. Let’s just say that he felt horrible. So much so that he even bought me a half birthday cake six months later! :O) Since that time he’s never missed a birthday cake!

Okay, those are my fun birthday facts, and now I want to hear about yours! It’s your turn to share!

What are your fun birthday facts/traditions? What’s your favorite flavor of birthday cake?

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  1. Jamie P
    Jamie P09-06-2013

    Happy Birthday Tshanina! That strawberry cake looks delicious! I agree, it’s definitely not a birthday without cake!

    • Tshanina Peterson
      Tshanina Peterson09-06-2013

      Thanks Jamie! It was delicious!

      I hope you are doing well! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

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