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tshanina, elizabeth, jacob and joel

On Friday night Jacob, Joel and Elizabeth (my nephews and niece) came over to hang out, along with their adorable puppy, Ariel. It’s been a while since they’ve come over so I was excited for our visit.

I had been asked to review Manwich and as I glanced at the ingredients I was super excited to learn that I’d be able to serve this yummy dish to two kids with food allergies. (To be quite honest, I’m often intimidated when planning a meal for these two!)

When the kids learned that we were having Manwich as sloppy joes for supper, they were super excited. Elizabeth said it’s been years since she’s had it! I guess it’s Manwich’s kid-stopping power that gets them so excited! It may have been the big kid in me but I was pretty excited myself!


If you’ve never tried Manwich, you and your kids are going to love it! It’s a hearty sauce with a sweet and tangy taste, not to mention the fact that it is free of artificial flavors and preservatives, and contains a full serving of vegetables!

Dinner was ready in a snap! All you have to do to prepare Manwich is brown your meat and add the sauce. It’s super simple and is perfect as a busy weeknight meal for on-the-go families. And, if eating Manwich as sloppy joes doesn’t sound appealing, you can head over and check all of these Manwich Recipes, including pastas, casseroles and dips!

elizabeth taste testing manwich

We had three different flavors of Manwich to try: Original Manwich, Bold Manwich and Thick & Chunky Manwich! Here’s Elizabeth doing a taste-test to see if she could figure out each flavor. She was spot on!

manwich on a bun

I’m not going to lie. As soon as I saw the Thick & Chunky I knew it would be my favorite, and it was. Jacob, Joel and Trent all voted their favorite as Bold, which they thought had a hint of barbecue flavor. Elizabeth also voted for Thick & Chunky as her favorite.

Have you seen the Manwich TV Ads? Their All Hands On Manwich ad made me laugh as I thought of Jacob and Joel who are gamers (video gamers, that is). If you haven’t already, head over and check out their ads!

We had a blast sampling the different Manwich products. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a can for a quick meal! I recommend Manwich’s Thick & Chunky!

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