Doing The Right Thing Isn’t Always Easy

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Maybe the title of this post should be, “Doing The Right Thing Is Usually Hard.” A few weeks ago I found myself in a quandary. You know the one where you’re sick to your stomach because you know that you need to stand up for something but it’ll be very uncomfortable?

Well, remember a few months back when I asked what you would do about the local Facebook coupon group I was in? Instead of following your advice to leave the group I decided to stay and give the ladies in the group the benefit of the doubt. I was really hoping that only one or two (out of over 150 people) were dishonest couponers. (In all fairness, there were only a handful of people that regularly commented on posts so I have no idea how many are dishonest.)

Here’s how it all hit the fan!

I had shared the top 5 deals of the week at Kroger from my other blog, Murfreesboro’s Treasures. (To be honest, the main goal of being in the group was to network and spread the word about Murfreesboro’s Treasures.) There were a few great deals in the ad that week that also had a coupon but I wasn’t sure what size of the item was on sale so I didn’t include them.

Commenter: Lady Speed stick 10/$10.00 $1.00 Q = free

Me: It’ll depend on what size is on sale – the coupon has a lot of size restrictions. (fingers crossed)

Commenter: It worked for me the size is 1.4oz

Now, the coupon had a lot of size restrictions and, what do you know, it was not valid on the 1.4 oz. Let me just say that at this point I was pretty livid. (I’m even shaking my head as I write this.) I knew that I had no choice but to leave the group but I wasn’t sure if I should say why I was leaving the group or not. I pondered and prayed about what to do for a few hours. Right before I left the group I posted the following comment.

I may offend some of you by this post but I want you to know why I’ve chosen to leave this group.

There have been quite a few times when coupon fraud has been encouraged in this group. Yes, a coupon may “work” on an item even if it’s the wrong size, but did you know that you’re essentially stealing from that store because they won’t get reimbursed for that coupon? If you’re new to couponing and unsure if you’re committing coupon fraud, check out this article ( – yes, she has a few typos but you get the point.)

Be careful about promoting the misuse of coupons! Authorities are cracking down on coupon fraud – even arresting people. It’s serious business!

To be quite honest knowing that these ladies live in my area and shop at the same stores I do made it so much harder to leave a comment before leaving the group, but I didn’t want them teaching new couponers that this type of couponing is ok. I decided that even if I lost a few Murfreesboro’s Treasures readers over this comment that it would be ok because I don’t want those type of followers. Even though this was extremely hard, I have absolutely no regrets about the stand that I took because I know I did the right thing.

Have you ever taken a stand for something even though it was difficult?

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    You did the right thing!

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