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Do you love what you do?

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Without saying a word, people can make it very apparent that they strongly dislike, even hate, their jobs. Do you love what you do? As I’m out and about, I can’t help but watch people – you guys intrigue me! Over the past few days I’ve come in contact with people that, without saying a word, make it very apparent that they strongly dislike, even hate, their jobs. At times I’ll even turn to Trent and say, “She loves her job (insert heavy sarcasm).”

And then my wheels started spinning because I’m sure that the majority of Americans dislike their jobs. Maybe you’re one of those people. You dread getting up in the morning because you have to go to a job that you can’t stand. Believe it or not, your dislike for your job is going to show, whether that be in your attitude, behavior or even work.

My friends and family tell me that I’m blunt sometimes so I’m just going to go ahead and ask, if you don’t love your job why don’t you do something about it? (Don’t get excited – I’m not recommending that you quite your job…at least not today.) But, why don’t you figure out what you’re passionate about and work towards a career that you love? Dream for a minute – wouldn’t it be wonderful to get up every day doing something that you enjoy? If your answer is no then there’s definitely something wrong with you.

Find out what you’re passionate about and work towards your dream job! (If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend that you read Quitter by Jon Acuff!) Your dream job might require that you go back to school, take an online course, or teach yourself a plethora of things (I highly recommend YouTube videos for online tutorials!)

And, for those of you that are middle-aged (whatever age that is – ha!), I must stop right here and say that you’re not too old to change jobs. More than likely, you’ll be working for another 10-15 years. Would you rather spend those years doing something you can’t stand or something that fulfills you?

I want you to live a fulfilled life with no regrets. More than likely, the majority of your time is spent at work – why not do something you love?

So, do you love what you do?

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