Dispelling A Couponing Myth…

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It’s always interesting to hear the varying opinions people have of couponing.  I had an interesting conversation this week.  I was sharing with one of my male co-workers the advantages of couponing.  He stated that usually couponers will purchase items that they wouldn’t normally buy and force their families to eat them. I was quite intrigued by his statement.


So, if you’re new to couponing or thinking about giving it a try, I want to share my thoughts on his comment.  Couponers are able to get deals on all kinds of different products.  While these products may not be something we would normally buy, it gives us the option to try something new.  (Many times we love the product and purchase it again, which is what retailers love.)


This doesn’t mean that you have to buy six items in order to try it.  If you could get a new product for $.25, would you try it?  I sure would.


You also have another option.  You can always give this product away.  Here are two examples that I shared with him.  (1) My sister has three children that will eat just about anything.  A few weeks ago I was able to get some products for free.  After trying one of the products, I didn’t really care for it.  So, when I took it to my nephews and niece, they were very happy to try it out.  (2) As I shared in an earlier post, you can always take trial size products to the Salvation Army for the less fortunate.


After I shared these thoughts with my co-worker, I think he saw couponing in a different light.  Either that or he was just wanting to get away from the crazy coupon lady.  :O)


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