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Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks Is A Must See

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It’s not often that I leave the movie theater wanting to tell everyone about a movie I’ve just watched, but that happened today after seeing Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks.

saving mr banks posterWhen I saw the previews for Saving Mr. Banks, I immediately knew it was one I had to go see at the theater. As the movie began, my sister and I heard the familiar childhood tunes from one of our favorite classic movies – Mary Poppins. As little girls, we’d be whisked away to the home of Jane and Michael Banks and their intriguing nanny, Mary Poppins.

You see, Saving Mr. Banks is based on the untold story of P.L. Travers, author of the children’s book series Mary Poppins.

As Walt Disney and his team try to bring Mary Poppins to life and share her with the rest of the world, we learn about cantankerous Mrs. Travers, her childhood and how much Mary Poppins truly meant to her.

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson do an outstanding job in this movie. You’ll be laughing one minute and crying the next!

If you’re a fan of Mary Poppins, you’re going to love Saving Mr. Banks. I’m a huge fan of movies based on true stories, and Disney hit a homerun by sharing this one with us!

When the credits and original photos from the 1960’s movie rolled, the movie goers stayed in their seats. It was as if we didn’t want the movie to end.

After seeing Saving Mr. Banks, it’s likely that you won’t watch Mary Poppins without thinking of the back story and P.L. Travers! And much like I did, you’ll probably leave the theater humming a few of your favorite songs from Mary Poppins!

Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks? What did you think?

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