burnt scones

Crisis Averted…

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Why is it that some of my funniest posts happen when I’m cooking?  Remember my attempt at making a frittata?  This afternoon I decided I’d try a new recipe – Pumpkin Scones.  I was so excited because this just sounded so yummy, and so like fall.


I put the ingredients together and put the scones in the oven.  As I was cleaning up the mess I had made, I noticed a bit of smoke billowing from the stove. (It makes me laugh just thinking about it.)  I opened the oven and pulled out the bottom tray of scones.  Well, let me just say that when using wax paper, you need to make sure to put the waxy side on the opposite side from the food you’re cooking. As you can see from the picture, the wax melted onto the bottom of the scones and caused it to burn…thus the smoke.  (Let me go ahead and admit that the recipe called for parchment paper.  However, I was fresh out so I thought I’d improvise. In theory it was a great idea!)


Needless to say I was quite bummed.  I’m so glad that I decided to double the recipe, and that the wax paper was on the correct side on that pan.  I’ll post the recipe later but just had to share my crazy story with you.  Below is proof that the other pan turned out nicely!



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