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Coupon Etiquette, Week 4

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Now, I’ve never even considered doing this so when my cashier friends told me about this I thought it was quite interesting.  Please do not get your items, head up to the register, show your cashier the coupons you have and expect them to figure out the best deals for you.  This is not the cashier’s job!
Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll ask my cashier friends if they have any great deals going on that I don’t know about.  However, I usually have a plan before I go into the store, or plan on figuring one out when I get there.  I don’t expect them to put my deals together for me.
If you’re as shocked as I was, yes, there are people who really do this. If you can’t create your own scenarios head over to some of the bigger blogs that put scenarios together for you, ask a friend, or copy one that you’ve seen someone else do.  How are you ever going to learn if you don’t try?
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