Clipping Your Coupons…

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I have a confession.  When I first started clipping coupons I would clip one insert at a time.  It would take forever and I would get so frustrated.  I want to share with you the method that I now use to clip multiple coupon inserts.  It is much easier and works great.
Place your inserts together like so.



Start by removing the first page from each insert, separating any sheets that are two pages.  Watch to make sure that there aren’t coupons in the middle of the page (see below).  If there are and you tear them apart you will have a problem on your hand.



Next, stack each page on top of each other turning them opposite of each other so that they’re easier to grab when you start clipping.



When clipping each page, separate the coupons into the categories that you’re going to file them in (snacks, frozen, personal care, cleaning, etc.)  This makes it easier when you start filing.


What system do you use to clip your coupons?
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