cleaning out the closet 3

Cleaning Out The Cluttered Closet

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cleaning out the closet

One of my goals for the month was to clean out our cluttered office closet. This closet isn’t very big so any amount of clutter just makes it look ten times worse!

cleaning out the closet

Every time I open this closet door this huge pile of papers that needs to be filed jumps out at me. This was the major inspiration (I use that term loosely) for this task!

my mac

To pump myself up for this project I whipped out my computer and listened to some podcasts – Andy Stanley to be specific!

cleaning out the closet 3


cleaning out the closet 4


This area was the largest portion of the project. To break it down I separated the papers that needed to be filed into two different piles. After putting them away I went through the box of “stuff.” Look at that phone – I don’t think we’ll be using that anytime in the near future.  And that tape, well, that’s my sisters and I singing together at church when we were younger. Oh what memories!

Are you ever blown away at the things you keep? I sure am. This box had wedding cards that I had kept just because the card was pretty – the note inside didn’t have any sentimental value. So, it was time to let it go.

There were also a ton of pictures in that box so I separated them into different types of pictures. On a side note – I’d love to know what you do with your photos, or how you store them. I hate for all of these to be stored away in a box or closet!

cleaning out the closet 2

Though you can’t really tell, there are three different piles here! The trash is on the right, keep and find a home on the left and ask Trent in the front left. The ask Trent pile is items that I thought were trash but want to run them by Trent before doing anything with them – keeps me out of the dog house! :O)

cleaning out the closet 5

Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

In case you’re wondering, the bags on the top left are where I store my gift bags. One is for Christmas and one is for everyday. Can you believe that I still had bags from our wedding six years ago. Some of them were Bed, Bath and Beyond bags so I let them go – they were to skinny to re-purpose.

This project didn’t really take very long. Now if I can just keep up with my filing. :O)

Have you been working on any projects around your house?

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