Cleaning Out the Clutter…

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Although this is not a picture of my cabinet, this is pretty much what my stockpile looked like before I cleaned it out last week.  It is so liberating for me to clean out and organize.  I like for things to have a home and be in their place.  I know, it’s a sickness I have.
I was able to give some goodies to my sister and put together some stuff for a yard sale and some charities.  It feels good to give to others, especially because we’ve been blessed with more than we could imagine.
As I was going through my stockpile, I couldn’t help but think of other things that needed organizing and cleaned out.  I wasn’t necessarily thinking of things around the house but different things in my life.  I was challenged with these thoughts and thought that I would pass them along to you.
* TV – How much time am I spending watching television?  I went through my DVR recordings and got rid of some shows that were just “there.”
* Priorities – What am I spending my time doing?  This is one that I’ll have to ponder on for a while.  Are the things that I am doing worthwhile and what God has called me to do?
* Relationships – Am I being the best spouse I can be?  This one hit me hard.  Oftentimes we’re the hardest on the people that we love most.  After being sweet to co-workers all day, there are many times when I come home and don’t react in the best way to Trent.  What steps do I need to take to be the best wife I can be?
Isn’t it neat how God gives us little life lessons in everything we do.  We just have to be willing to listen when He speaks.
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